The Brain Scaffold Builder#

The BSB is a black box component framework for multiparadigm neural modelling: we provide structure, architecture and organization, and you provide the use-case specific parts of your model. In our framework, your model is described in a code-free configuration of components with parameters.

For the framework to reliably use components, and make them work together in a complex workflow, it asks a fixed set of questions per component type: e.g. a connection component will be asked how to connect cells. These contracts of cooperation between you and the framework are called interfaces. The framework executes a transparently parallelized workflow, and calls your components to fulfill their role.

This way, by implementing our component interfaces and declaring them in a configuration file, most models end up being code-free, well-parametrized, self-contained, human-readable, multi-scale models!

(PS: If we missed any hyped-up hyphenated adjectives, let us know! ❤️)

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